In Absentia

14th February – 2nd May 2021
A virtual space created by Turps Correspondence Course class of 19/20 to present their end of year show In Absentia online. Opening on 14th Feb. 2021 @cohort.art

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

18th November 2021 – 18th January 2022
Paintings are always arrived at through a decision-making process, where one thing follows another.  Even if the decision is to leave it up to chance, to rely on the accidental and the incidental, it is still a choice on the part of the artist.  Each action or move takes place in a sequence of events.

Contemporary British Painting Prize 2021

10th December 2021 – 13th February 2022
It has been a privilege to be a selector for the Contemporary British Painting Prize this year alongside such considered painters who have approached the process with a commitment to unearthing the fundamental significance of painting in 2021. Our varied approaches to our practices has made for an exhibition which embodies the richness and diversity in painting today. It has been two years since the last prize in 2019, in which time the world has changed irrevocably. As painters we have been uniquely placed to explore this new territory; adept as we are at reflecting on the world and translating this into pigment. As such, this year’s submissions have shown the tenacity of painters to negotiate adversity and to flourish through their enduring practices.